Hello & Welcome to Our DIY Upholstery Project Page!

Upon popular request, we have decided to start offering our vintage digs TO YOU FIRST! Before we decide to restore the piece ourselves. Why? Because you are cool and it's fun to pick your own fabric color and stain.


Also, we love before and after pictures. Especially from our customers. Our customers inspire us! Plain and simple. 

We offer 3 simple options: 

1. You love it as is /DIY-Buy it from Sunbeam Vintage as is "as found" for a great price as shown. 

2. Buy it From Sunbeam Vintage and have Sunbeam Vintage reupholster it for you! We provide fabrics and materials. Choose from over 40 different colors and textures. Can't Choose yourself? No worries...We can help! 

3. Buy it from Sunbeam Vintage and YOU provide your own fabric and we reupholster for you.  Please see the details for buying upholstery grade fabric. 

Good info: 

-Choose Only Upholstery grade fabric. Not sure where to shop? Come visit for a consultation. We can guide you through the process,  provide some great fabric resources and even some design suggestions! 

- Please allow 2-4 weeks for upholstery depending on the piece

-ask about additional refinishing wood services 

-Prices vary per piece for upholstery. Here is a good cheat sheet

Lounge Chair: Fabric Needed: 4 to 7 yards depending on size and style/ Cost: $250-$500 

Loveseat: Fabric Needed: 7-10 yards depending on size and style/ Cost $500-$700 

3 /4 person Sofa or sectional sofa - Fabric Needed: .7-18 yards depending on Length and style (loose cushions? Less Fabric) $700-$1200 or 2500 for sectional sofa 

Dining Chair seats- Fabric Needed: 1/2 to 2 yards depending on the chair. Individual seats require about 1/2 yard per seat $25 per seat-$50-100 per chair depending on upholstery style 

Terms and conditions: 

We are not offering re-upholstery services for non-Sunbeam Vintage products at this time. Only products from Sunbeam Vintage can be restored. Please come in person to see our upholstered /refinished products before you agree to have us do the work. We love our work and we are sure you will too! Making you happy is important to us, so come in and see it yourself.  Absolutely no refunds or exchanges on any DIY under any circumstance. We reserve the right to refuse upholstery services for any reason. Furniture is not picked up within 2 weeks will be charged a storage fee of $25 per week. Any piece not picked up within 8 weeks with no notice will be resold. 

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